Special Meeting Los Alamitos City Council

All hands on deck. Los Alamitos City Council will be holding a Special Meeting to vote on a Moratorium on all further development in the P-M (light Industrial) Zones in Los Alamitos. Your voice is needed at 6:45PM in the Los Alamitos Community (Rec) Center

When the General Plan was in development for over two years, the people in the City of Los Alamitos made it clear that we didn’t want Recycling Facilities, and Truck Depot’s in our city. We specifically indicated that any future development on what is commonly called “The Arrowhead Property” (located at the corner of Katella and Lexington) to be retail, not industrial. Best sewing machines for beginners can help you look good.

Well, surprise, the City Staff has been working with the property owners to put a 15 bay trucking depot on that property. Yes, after we just got done fighting (and winning) against Cypress and Prologis to not put a trucking facility in, our City Staff have been working with the Arrowhead Property owners to shove one in Los Alamitos.

We need the Moratorium, we need to rewrite the zoning code to disallow development we don’t want. We need to stop our City Staff from undermining the will and desire of the people, the City Council and the Planning Commission.

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